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About CITEM - Organization

CITEM is an export promotions agency of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry. Its thrust is to promote the Philippines as a reliable source of high-quality products and services through trade fairs, special exhibits, in-store promotions, trade missions, and other promotional activities here and abroad.


We dream of a financially independent CITEM, the prime mover in export trade promotions, setting the standards of excellence and innovation, trusted by clients and stakeholders.


As the Export Marketing Authority, we are committed to promote the Philippine image as a reputable source of quality products and services through creation and management of international marketing programs.

We empower exporters by providing them linkages to product development, technology transfer, training, and market access. In so doing, we ensure a vibrant Philippine export industry consisting of model companies.

We accomplish all these via our competent workforce, modern technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and cost efficient operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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